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... Or the Staff of 2by2UnitProductions, and Co.

Created, Designed, and Written by:
Kris Rusho
Erin Whiteley
Art and visual concepts by:
Jacinta Meyers (Jamberry)
You want to know more about us?

This seriously started in a big hole in the ground.  We were digging, (we are archaeological field technicians), and when you're diggin' in the dirt in hot, humid weather, more than a few screws come loose up above!  Anyhoo, there was never a dull moment!  And, after a summer of shovels, trowels, and screens full of chert, we have this to bring the world.  ^_^
So, sit back and enjoy!

The criminal masterminds...

When the moon hits the sky
Like a biiiig pizza-pie
That's... a very strange sight indeed.  O,O