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If you're here, chances are this page is the whole reason why you came to this site.
This page was made purely for our amusement, and all out of fun.  If you do not like slash, then this is not really the best place for you.  There are plenty of things to see and do elsewhere here at "White Chocolate," so I suggest you head that way.  ^_^ 
We know well that Tolkien did not have slash between these two characters, nor them and any other characters in his books.  We plead artistic licence here to bring you some of the only Elrond/Haldir fics and pics on the web.

Click on a title to read or view the fics and pics.  Use your browser's Back button to return to this page.
The Kiss - New!  A pic of Elrond and Haldir sharing a kiss, by Jamberry.
Elrond and Haldir by Glorfy - New!  A pic of Elrond and Haldir sharing quiet moment, set to some beautiful poetry or song lyrics.  By Glorfy.
White Chocolate - New!  Fanfare for this site!!  A mild slashy pic between our two favorite elves, by Glorfy. 
In Love With Your Ghost -  A pic of our two elves by Jamberry, inspired by the lyrics of a song.
"Like Beams of Gold" - An Aragorn/Haldir fic by Jamberry, rated PG-13. 
Short summary: What if Aragorn found he felt more more strongly than friendship towards Haldir of Lorien? And what if there were Elves at Helm's Deep?
Japanese Tea - A Haldir/Elrond pic by Jamberry, rated PG
Short summary: A tender moment shared between these two Elves, drawn Japanese print-style in black mechanical pencil.
"Legolas and Haldir" - A Haldir/Legolas pic by Selphius, rated PG-13
Short summary: These two elves share a kiss.  O,O
The LOTR Slash Parody Song - A Slash Parody poem, rated PG-13
Short summary: Just a humorous little ditty to pick on everyone who's an LOTR slash fan.  ^_^

We do take some submissions.  If you have a slash fic or pic that has either Elrond or Haldir in it (preferrably both!), then you can try sending it along to us at  We can't guarentee that we'll accept the material... We will NOT take strong R-rated or anything higher, and nothing with explicit sexual details.  That kind of stuff belongs somewhere else. 
Please remember to put "Slash Submission(s)" in the subject line.  Thanks and enjoy! 

DO NOT STEAL!  Or else Orcish archers will come for you in the night.  THIS IS NOT AN EMPTY THREAT!
If you would like to use something here, please email the artist(s) / author(s) for permission.  Or, email us:  Thanks for being considerate, and thank you for your cooperation.