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"Questing for Hope"


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By Chibi Legolas
It begins after the Fellowship arrives in Lothlorien Wood, and they are all just settling in...

     Legolas walked as though in a daze, and gazed up at the sparkling tree towers. "They lament for Gandalf..."

     In the shadows, Boromir tucked his shield and his packs into the crook of an enormous root. He looked up at the Elf. Yes, I lament as well... He thought. But for much more than Gandalf... My land, my people... all of it... So much despair!...

     Sensing the turbulence of his mind, Legolas slowly turned to face him. The warrior from Gondor quickly smiled, although there was no spirit in it. "What do you envision in your silence? Seer of futures... Do you have hope?"

     The Elf cocked his head and peered at the shadowy man. "I hope." He said simply.

     For no seemingly real reason, his casual answer sent pangs of anger through Boromir's blood. He jumped to his feet. "You hope! Is that all?! And for what? There's no guarantee that we'll succeed in our quest! In fact, there is not much that we CAN do. Just nine companions, now eight, EIGHT against the deepest, darkest evil that Middle Earth has ever seen! What is there then, what is there to give hope?!" Boromir was shouting.

     Legolas held up his hands. "Please, Boromir, do not disturb the peace of this exalted place..."

     "Peace!" he sneered. "What peace can there be found anywhere in a doomed world? Peace..." He turned away, pain in his face. Perhaps he was trying to hide it...

     ...But Legolas saw. "Lord Boromir... It cannot be simple. Nothing can. But there is simplicity in hope, and when there is nothing else, then there is simply hope. You must not let yourself fall into despair." He looked around suddenly, deep in thought. "The soul..." He swung around and lifted his eyes to the stars glowing dimly through the great canopy of branches above. "The soul yearns for hope as the famished body does for food and water. Deny it that, that single most important substance, and it will fail."

     Once more, the Elven archer turned to look at his companion. This time, a small smile touched the corners of his mouth. "I have hope. Hope leads well to faith, and faith is the one thing that we eight must never do without... Hope comes from within, and when it cannot... hope comes and grows between friends, those that are faithful to each other. Boromir, my friend, my companion... Let not your heart be troubled, but fill it instead with Hope."

Let not your heart be troubled... Be at peace

Jan. '03
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