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By ChibiLegolas

To a stout heart's calling,
My sword! My honor!
In battle may thee
Be swift and strong,
Courage be thy companion
'Til the day is done
'Til the glory won
Great and noble
Be your cause



To Rivendell,
And do you know
What wonders await you there?
The place that is
A piece of sky
When winter falls
To cloak the gray towers
In white...
Where summer calls
With beams of gold
To dance among the flowers
In the fields
Where tales are told
And songs are sung
Elven whispers in the wind...
The place where live
The forever young,
City of
Cascading waters: a jewel
Set into the mountains
That tower above.
Oh Rivendell
A star of earth!



(For Aragorn)

A sword firm in hand
May save a kingdom
But what good
To a troubled heart?
Can a dagger silence
The pain so deep,
Can spilt blood
Appease the nagging sorrow?
A good warrior's mind
Must be strong indeed:
It is the stuff
Of kings.


Galadriel's Ring

Time hath come to betray me
Oh what beautiful gift
That could delay the ages;
It seemed but only a little
While since I received thee:
This ring that graces hand and life
Such a sweet, wholesome, heavy burden
To bear, yet I did not mind.
There were far greater things to reap:
It freed my people from certain strife.
Did I know what did await,
Perhaps things might have changed...
But the present now has fallen;
What hope there might have been
Has come in vain, too late


Celeborn and Galadriel

Thy star doth shine,
Thy name divine,
Lord and Lady of the wood
Over the fair,
You rule
And over the kind and good

To your call,
The Galadhrim answer
Heart of the elven world
Your songs are heard
Of honor, of magic
In glory are banners unfurled

Thy counsel holds true
Thy valued sight
Lord and Lady of the wood
You sail to the West
With your people,
Ever the kind and good

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