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December 15-17, 2003:
"The Gathering" in Toronto, that 3-day Lord of the Rings convention, was a smash hit!  We had such a wonderful time, and were able to meet Craig Parker (Haldir), Mark Ferguson (Gil-galad), and the guy who played Gamling (his name escapes me at the moment... x,x).  We also met a lot of new friends.  (We love you gals!)  It was a wonderful time for all, and the city was absolutely beautiful.  There's talk that another one is in the making for 2005, so here's hoping... :-D  We'll try to keep you updated on that...
December 17, 2003:
The long awaited conclusion to the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings movies has finally been released: The Return of the King hit theaters at midnight on the 16th-17th of December, 2003.  The reviews soared and it was a box office smash!  Parts by all actors were stunning, and the music in this one, featuring the actors themselves, legendary flutist James Galway, and former Eurythmics' lead singer Annie Lennox, is perhaps the best score yet.  It may be a small minor detail, but the final credits feature pencil-drawn portraits of the lead actors and some of WETA's preliminary drawings.  So I suggest, the next time you see it, to sit a little longer in the theater to watch.  You will not regret it!  Accompanying books are already on the shelves, such as "The Film Companion," "Art of Return of the King," and "Weapons and Armor from the Film Trilogy."  Musts for collectors!  Enjoy... 
A brilliant movie.  If you haven't seen it yet, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!  lol, goooo see it!
December 2003: 
A special 5-piece set of all the hobbits, including Bilbo Baggins, was released.  They look different from the action figure line of ToyBiz, but we're not sure yet who makes them.  The likenesses are so-so, but if your fancy be the hobbits you'll definitely want this!
Random LOTR News:
The TTT 2004 calendars are out!!  No pictures of Elrond or Haldir in the 12-month calendar, but there are four pictures of Haldir and about three pictures of Elrond in the Daily calendar.  Both are stunning, and are highly recommended by us.  White Chocolate gives the calendars two thumbs up!
The website owners have received their custom-made Haldir and Elrond plushies.  YAYNESS! 
The website owners have finally seen "Pricilla and the Queens of the Desert."  Scary...but vastly amusing.... 
White Chocolate gives the movie * * * * !
There will be a Haldir action figure released in a special 5-figurine Helm's Deep set!!!  THAT'S RIGHT, HALDIR ACTION FIGURE!!  It will be released sometime later this year.  For more information, go to:  I already got mine! YAYNEZ!!!  And he's very cute... a little hideous in the face, but his armor's got this sexy lace thing down his back, and..... hehehe...  Yeah, I just love having a Haldir SOMETHING since he's not exactly the most advertised character from the movie. 
White Chocolate gives the set * * *.  (Box says they're full poseable; they're not.  The colors are somewhat off, and the scale has changed from that of the action figures from the first movie.)
November 2003:
"The Two Towers: Special Extended Edition" will was released.  Offers scenes that were not in the original theatrical version, and more!  Excellent, go buy it!  *two thumbs up*

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