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Pies: Meeting Craig Parker


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Stepping up to the long table that had been set out, and clutching ticket tightly in hand, I knew little what to expect...  Though, if the "Elvish Humor" act that I had attended earlier in the day had been any indication, I was in for a laugh!

Here's the deal...  The French Club at my college has a culture fest every year to raise money.  One of the prime attractions of this little fair is a certain booth.  You see, each of the French professors get a bowl.  Students put pennies into these bowls, and at the end of the day, the coins are tallied.  The professor with the most pennies gets to be pelted with whip cream pies while amused students look on.
At "The Gathering" convention in Toronto, LOTR celebrities Craig Parker (Haldir), Mark Ferguson (Gil-Galad), and Bruce Hopkins (Gamling) were signing autographs at a big long table all together. You'd wait in line (big long line), then pay the lady ten dollars (yeah, they charged for the signing), telling her who you wanted to have the autograph of.  She'd then hand you a ticket marked with "C" for Craig Parker, "M" for Mark Ferguson, etc.  Each actor had a bowl in front of them in which everyone was supposed to place their tickets.
As I got up to the table (being the Haldir-lover that I am, my ticket was marked "C"), I noticed that the charming Mr. Parker had a bowl full of tickets: far more than any of the others seated at the table.  The following is the very brief but very true words that passed next as my turn to approach the table came up:
Jamberry (pointing to the ticket bowl): "So, do they count them all at the end of the day and then pie the one with the most tickets?"
Craig (with a laugh): "Yes.  It's all about the Pie-ing!"

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