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Other Realms - Links we Love!


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Other Realms - Links we Love!

The place to find other places on the web that we thought were great! ^_^

*I'm elf-obsessed. Are you?*

Friends and Affiliates: - A friend we met at "The Gathering" LOTR convention in Toronto.  She has fantastic art, and does commissions! - Another friend we made at "The Gathering;"  Beautiful art! - Froddie's/Chibi Glorfindel's DeviantArt Page - Jamberry's DeviantArt page - "Shooting Stars," our new brother/sister site! :D - An LOTR Oekaki board.  Jamberry and Froddie both frequent there.  Beautiful art! - A fansite about Haldir and Legolas - our other site for LOTR art and fanfiction - A great Elrond shrine - Rivendell, beautiful art - a site dedicated to Elrond's twin sons, Elladan and Elrohir - the group for lovers of obscure Elves - another lover of Elrond!  And her site. :) - a beautiful Legolas site! - A fanpage with lots of useful links - A fanpage of crazy and slashy ramblings!
And other LOTR-related links:
adoptions - an extensive library of LOTR fanart and fanfiction.  You probably won't find more anywhere else! - The Tolkien Trail: A Lord of the Rings Fan Site - A great unofficial Craig Parker (Haldir) fansite!  Has great pictures and interactives, and bios on the actor. - Good Lord of the Rings fanfiction recommendations, and more - Custom-made Lord of the Rings plushies!!! SO CUTE! - if you can get past the obnoxious pop-ups, this site has a lot on the man behind Legolas. - stock up on your basic (Tolkien) Elvish phrases.  Excellent for quick references! - Just what it says; adopt a hobbit!


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