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Lord of the Rings FanFiction
None of these are slash fics.  If you want to read slash fics, go to the Slash page of this site. 
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Brothers' Grief (fic) - New!  By Jamberry/ Chibi Legolas, with illustration by Leanan 
Summary: Rumil and Orophin learn of Haldir's death during the battle for Helm's Deep.
"The Truth Aboot Hobbits" - By Chibi Froddie
Short summary: A humorous little story.  The more human and Elvish companions find out something a tad disturbing about Hobbits: a secret they hide...
"Questing for Hope" - By ChibiLegolas
Short summary: A fanfic about a conversation held between Legolas and Boromir after the fellowship arrives in Lothlorien.
Short summary: what it would be like to hug an elf, particularly Haldir, as told form Aragorn's point of view
Thoughtful Words - by Chibi Legolas
Short summary: Poems based on Middle Earth and her peoples.
More Thoughtful Words - By Chibi Legolas
Short summary: More poetry based on Middle Earth and Lord of the Rings

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