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White Chocolate
The WC Fanzine - NEW!


Welcome to White Chocolate!
The WC Fanzine - NEW!
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What's happening out there?!  And other Lord of the Rings related News.

Hello and welcome to the 'White Chocolate' Fanzine!  Here, we'll be giving you lots of informational updates, pictures, and just plain silly articles to make you laugh.  We accept submissions, especially if you've met LOTR actors, have attended conventions, or just plain have something you'd like to share!
The articles:
Coming Soon! - comics, articles, humor, a poetry section, convention experiences, photos, and more!  Keep posted.
News from your web-builders:
Jamberry and Glorfy go back to school soon.  So, please forgive us if there are fewer updates, and if they occur far apart.  ^_^  It looks like it's going to be a busy time for us!  We hope your holidays were fantastic! :-D

If you have some LOTR-related news to share, please email it to us:  Thanks!  We really appreciate it!

DO NOT STEAL!  Or else Orcish archers will come for you in the night.  THIS IS NOT AN EMPTY THREAT!
If you woud like to use something from this page, please email the authors / artists, or us at  Thanks.