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Here come... The Elves in Black!

The Elven Agents
By Jamberry

Ok... This started as a humorous parody idea and has quickly evolved into a full-fledged obsession.  O,O  What it is, is a satire of Men in Black, The Matrix, and Lord of the Rings
Summary:  The Elves are secret agents in an industrial 21st Century world.  It is up to them to stop the evil Sauron Industries from taking over the Baggins-owned ShirePark Laboratories, which may have unconvered the secret to solving world hunger. 
Here, you can find the story, promo pictures, and just general silliness based all on this parody.  O,O  Enjoy!

EIB - Chapter 1

EIB - Chapter 2

EIB - Chapter 3

Elves in Black Adoptions

"Elves in Black" Art:
(Click on a thumbnail to view)

Photo manipulation by Jamberry

  - Elves in Black, Elrond in Black
  (Hugo Weaving: Matrix + Lord of the Rings)
   Photo Manipulation by Jamberry
   Click to view in larger size

By Jamberry

- Elves in Black, Promo Pic # 1 (colored) Agents
   Elrond and Haldir.
 By Jamberry
   (Click on the thumbnail to see full size)

By Jamberry

- Elves in Black, Promo Pic: Agent H (colored).
 By Jamberry
   (Click on the thumbnail to see full size)

Smith vs Elrond

 - Elrond vs. Agent Smith
   By Selphius (
   (Click on picture to view full size)


A Modern Elrond
By Glorfy
(Click on thumbnail to view in full size)

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