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White Chocolate
Welcome to White Chocolate!


Welcome to White Chocolate!
The WC Fanzine - NEW!
Elrond of Imladris
Haldir of Lorien
Elves in Black
Fun Stuff O,O
Elven Artboard
LOTR Quizzes!
Other Realms - Links we Love!

Welcome to White Chocolate...  A realm devoted to two of Tolkien's most enticing elves: men of honor, battle-learned and devoted to justice and the forces of good.  Their glory is the substance of stories and legends... 
This site is becoming more of a generic elf and also a hobbit site as well.  Take a look!
Thanks to those who have signed our guestbook, and thanks to those who will sign our guestbook before they leave.  You rock! :-D

The links to the pages of this site are to the left...

Plllleeeeaaaaaassseeeeeee sign our guestbook!

I'm elf-obsessed. Are you?

Elrond commands you to sign the guestbook!

Haldir says sign the guestbook OR ELSE!

Welcome to White Chocolate...
A place for random people and LOTR-fans

This is DIBSI, our official syte mascot for the time being.  DIBSI was 100% found naturally, and no deers were hurt or killed to get DIBSI.  If you'd please, DIBSI can scratch your back for you while you're here looking around, and with this in mind: "Well, how do you think the Elves did it?!"  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the random sillyness!  *grin*
DIBSI says:
How's that for random for you?
This site is against cruelty to animals, and war in general. 
If you're here, that's YOUR fault!  O,O
We never claimed to be sane.  u_u
Have a great time here! ^_^

The Dolls of Elrond and Haldir in the upper left hand corner of each page were adopted from:
Go there!!  It's ADORABLE!!  ^_^
You may take any pictures from the movies from this site freely, since we do not own them.  For anything else, YOU MUST ASK PERMISSION!
We do not own "Lord of the Rings," any of its characters, or anything to do with it.  We just really love it.  ^_^  No money is made off of this site; it is just a fan-area for people like us.  Enjoy!