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Hugs... A Thoughtful Contemplation


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By Jamberry

Have ya ever had a vivid dream where you hugged somebody? It's like your senses come alive... Like, you can smell that person, feel their hair brush against your cheek... You feel your arms around them and their arms around you. You can feel their clothes, and the bones and muscles beneath...

Well, anyways, I don't much like hugs, but I was trying to imagine what it would be like to hug an elf. I liked how in TTT, Aragorn runs up and hugs Haldir at Helms Deep because he is so glad to have their assistance in that time of great need. Haldir was kind of like, "Uh...ok" and smiled and hugged him back. I thought it cute because you rarely see Elves smile, and they never seem to show affection at all. Here was an excuse to do so, you know... Not entirely expected, but still kind of nice.

I think hmm... so if I was Aragorn, and it was me that hugged Haldir (I totally wish!), what would it be like? Here follows that daydream.

"I caught him in my arms and buried my face into his shoulder, for I was very glad to see him. His flaxen hair, so soft, brushed against my cheek in the light breeze which had been cold and carrying our fate. The rough wool of the gray garment was scratchy 'gainst my nose, yet pleasant, for it smelled of Lothlorien... of fresh-cut wood and soft moss, of golden sunlight in dappled clearings... Beneath it, I could feel the solid plates of his armor. His shoulders were rigid in their gold, and he was ready to fight and to die with us...

"There was a moment's hesitation, and I felt his arms close around my back as well, returning the embrace... We held for only a few seconds before parting, but it was enough to let this pass through us: we were in this fate together."


Awwwwwwwwww!  SO CUTE!  ^_^

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