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By ChibiLegolas

As fireflies weave through silver leaves
And moonbeams fall like jeweled tears
High above the forest floor,
The elves of Lorien sleep.
The breeze is whispers through the night,
Dancing 'round enchanted trees
Forest scents are gently carried
Along the placid river Nimrodel,
And stars have come to brightly hang
In violet skies that carress the earth;
But darkness falls upon the wood
Where songs are ever heard

----------- ------------ -----------

Hush! Sleep soundly, child
For the stars have come to shine
The stars are shining bright

And when you're lost, my child
Stand strong, take no fright
I shall be thy light
I shall be thy guiding light

---------- ----------- ----------

My forest, fair
It knows not winter,
Nor summer or fall
But is forever as spring,
Perpetually blooming
In wond'rous splendor

----------- ------------ -----------

Come thee
Rest by my friendly fire
The sky is a dome of diamonds
That marks the infinite edges
Of our world
Sit long, if you may
And hear my stories.
Don't blame me if I have no cares
Don't blame me if my woes are few
Tomorrow's just another grain
In Time's endless supply of salt
And I'm in no hurry yet
To fade away

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