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Lookit!  Lookit!  It's Elves in Black for ADOPTION!  ^_^ 
Below, you will find two sets of "Elves in Black" that you can adopt.  Each one comes with or without the groovy black sunglasses.  Please thank Stephanie, (One of the AWESOMEST people in the world!!! ^_^) for making these little guys for me.  I am so tickled pink!  :D  She's the best!  You can visit her site to adopt other dolls from famous movies/series, including Lord of the Rings dolls:  That's also where I got the little Elronds and Haldirs for this site.  ^_^  THANKS STEPH!!
Right-click on the doll(s) you want and select "Save As" to save them to your computer.  If you're putting them on your website, please be so kind as to link them to this site or to Stephanie's.  Thanks!  ^_^

Adopt Elrond:

Adopt Agent Elrond!
Agent E. with glasses!

Adopt Legolas:

Adopt Agent Legolas!
Agent L. with sunglasses!

Adopt Haldir:

Adopt Agent Haldir!
Agent H. with sunglasses!

Adopt Arwen:

Adopt Agent Arwen!
Agent A. with sunglasses!