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Ooooh, Legolas!


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These are some of the disturbing things I've heard people say about the Prince of Mirkwood...

"Gonna RIP off all your clothes!
Gonna take ya to another level...
Oh yeah...
...Doing Legolas!"
- made-up lyrics to a song that a friend from work was singing

"Elfboy" by Jamberry
Leggy Super-D

**drool drool, then breaks into the theme song...**
Elfboy, Elfboy,
Almost as cool as Haldir
Elfboy, Elfboy

He looks good in green tights, Elfboy
He kills every orc in sight, Elfboy
He made pals with that Gimli, Elfboy
And he comes to MEEEEE, Eflboy!
  - Happi Frog's post about a picture on Elfwood (

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