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'White Chocolate' Awards


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There are two 'White Chocolate' website awards to choose from:

Sample Award #1
Sample Award #2

If you would like one of our awards, please send an email to with "Awards" in the subject line.  You'll need to send a link to your website, and a couple of reasons why you think you deserve an award from us.  In turn, we'll send you the code for your award, and will put your link up on this page!  You'll also get your link put on our "Links" page.  Best of wishes to you! ^_^  Happy web-building.
(Also, if you'd like to give us an award, we'd appreciate that too! Hehehe!)

DO NOT STEAL!  Or else Orcish archers will come for you in the night.  THIS IS NOT AN EMPTY THREAT!
If you woud like to use something from this page, please email the authors / artists, or us at  Thanks.