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A new undertaking, and updates galore...?

Hey all my happy website readers!  (Well, we hope you're happy anyways)  Thanks for coming here.  For the most part, I hear people like this site.  That's good!  I'd hate to have made a stupid place for fans of the fantastic trilogy.
I'm trying to update the site when I can.  With school and all, that doesn't happen as often as I'd like.  (The network at my college is very bad!  I can't even open Tripod from my dorm.  *frustrated sigh*)  But I'm going to try harder, and perhaps the internet system has been improved since last semester.  Just have to wait and see...  I have been sent some precious few submissions, and haven't yet been able to upload them.  My apologies to those who have sent me things!  I will get them up as soon as possible.  ;-)
All right...  This is a new section of WC.  It will be devoted to posting LOTR- and actor-related news and other such things.  I have a few articles ready.  Well, you'll see!  I'd like submissions for this section too, if you'd please.  Especially, we're interested in other peoples' experiences with meeting the actors.  It would be fantastic to actually get some letters from them too.  I will see what I can do for you, dear readers! 
For now, I guess that is all.  A pretty boring first letter from the editor, but well...  hopefully the future ones shall be better!
Much love,

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